Why claim your $200-$400* Arizona Tax Credit?

When you donate to Montessori Academy, Arizona will credit a portion or all of that money back to you, depending on the donation amount and how you file. If every household participated, it would raise over $80,000 for our school.

These are true tax credits, not just deductions. If your household files jointly, you can donate $400 and get a $400 credit on your Arizona state taxes. If your file as single, you can donate $200 and get a $200 credit on your Arizona state taxes. By donating, you have become a part of the legacy we hope to create for our students and their families. We work hard to steward each dollar towards its highest and best use. It works for friends and grandparents as well!

You can make a one-time-donation or a recurring donation, such as $5 a week, using the link below.


Just 3 quick steps

  1. Click the donation link below.

  2. Download Form 322

  3. Submit the receipt we'll email you and your completed Form 322 with your Arizona state taxes. It's that simple!

Need additional support? We'll walk you step-by-step through the process and send you the forms you need when you email us.

The deadline to earn your 2022 Tax Credit is April 15, 2023.

Other No-Cost Ways to Donate

Amazon Smile

Type smile.amazon.com instead of "www" and Amazon will give a percentage of your purchase to a nonprofit of your choice, including Montessori Academy! We are listed as "Montessori Academy Inc." in Amazon's nonprofit database.