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Our Vision

Montessori Academy will guide children on their journey into a continually evolving, dynamic world that engages their minds and enlivens their imaginations. Each component of the educational journey will instill a love of learning, high self-esteem, and positive values resulting in high academic achievement. 

Our Mission

We will use the principles of Maria Montessori as the foundation of our educational philosophy in a manner which fosters and elicits learning. We will create evolving environments, making each day a productive step in the journey to the ultimate goal: a child who is motivated, independent, and has a love of learning. 

Our Method

To unfold life is the basic task of the educator. Montessori Academy is a prepared environment for children. In Maria Montessori's time it seemed miraculous that children of four and a half should be able to write, and that they should have learned without the feeling of having been taught. 

The teacher's task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of activities in the environment made for the child. Maria Montessori found that individual activity is the one factor that stimulates and produces development, and that this is not truer for the little ones of preschool age than it is for the junior, senior and middle school children. 

Our Core Values


We maintain the highest level of individual and organizational integrity; committed to doing the right thing for Montessori Academy’s community. Decisions are driven by our vision and mission and guided by data to support the best outcome for the students and stakeholders we serve. We strive to provide resources and support that are relevant and intentionally-focused on our strategic plan. We conduct all business in an ethical and professional manner, being the best community-partner possible. 


We are passionate about the work afforded by our mission. We are inspired by and dedicated to the students in our community. We foster a strong work ethic to provide innovative resources to educators and students. We are leaders in the community providing a catalyst for innovative programs.

Student Achievement

We are committed to student achievement. We are education-centered, with the goal of enhancing the school culture of teaching and learning. Montessori Academy guarantees a student will meet the state standards in reading, math, and writing, or one year’s growth on the state mandated assessment in accordance with the Student-Parent-School Compact.

Spirit of Community

Strong community relationships and partnerships are essential to fulfill our mission. We are collaborative in all of our endeavors and seek innovation and teamwork.


As stewards of the community’s trust, we are accountable in action and attitude for the resources with which we are entrusted. We earn the community’s goodwill by taking emotional and fiscal care of these assets. We make decisions that are financially-responsible and sustainable.

Campus Features

Our Mascot & logo

Mountain Lion

The mountain lion is our official student mascot for all grades

Good Fortune

This symbol meaning "Good Fortune" is the official school logo

Our History


Founded by sisters Juli Newman and Krista Cross

February 28, 2002  

Charter application submitted

June 10, 2002 

Charter receives unanimous approval

June 17, 2002

Charter is signed

August 19, 2002

First day of school 


Rated Excelling multiple times by Arizona Department of Education


Rated "Excelling" multiple times by Arizona Department of Education

August 2010

Phoenix Best Schools Magazine rates our middle school top 99% based on 2009 scores