What is Montessori?

Maria Montessori1870 - 1952

Montessori methodology derives from the philosophies and legacy of Maria Montessori, a woman far ahead of her time in her value for independent exploration within learning. For students, learning how to learn is the true value of a Montessori education. For instructors, an emphatic approach to a student's physical, emotional, and educational needs contributes to the happiness, well-being, and success of each student. Highly specialized materials contribute to each lesson at each stage of child development. Students learn according to their own pace with guidance and encouragement from their teachers and peers. We see our students as capable agents in their own educational process. Students are not only expected to develop tools in their education, but also tools that empower them to make healthy choices for their bodies, positive responses to conflict, and other skill sets that often fall to the wayside in traditional educational environments. Unlike traditional schooling, Maria Montessori valued educational procedures that empower rather than dominate. Students gain exposure to character-building skill sets that many adults have yet to learn. Not everyone can imagine an approach to education that so well balances structure and freedom. We often seek to share the philosophies of Maria Montessori with our local communities through inclusion in school events, hoping to share the opportunities inherent with this educational paradigm. We look forward to having these dialogue with you!