Toddler Program

18 Months - 3 Years Old

The primary focus of our toddler classroom is to facilitate exploration of our world in a curious, enthusiastic and purposeful manner. In doing so, our toddler curriculum fosters self-reliance and confidence. The classroom is arranged with specific areas of focus that increase sensory awareness, motor skill development, language acquisition, pre-writing skills, cultural awareness, math and geometry. In addition, our toddler students have their own outdoor learning area (including an evergreen, faux-grass lawn) where skills learned indoors are reinforced in a new setting emphasizing play.

Early Education

3 Years Old - Kindergarten

The dynamic, observant teachers of our early education programs tailor their environments and curricula to the developmental needs of this age group. Lessons are individualized to the pace and subject mastery of the student, while mixed-age classrooms offer additional learning opportunities in peer teaching and cooperation.

Teachers facilitate exploratory and engaged learning in the follow areas:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Practical life skills
  • Physical and life sciences
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Social skills and cultural studies

With a value for independence and self-discipline, students are equipped with skills in maintaining a peaceful environment. Educators demonstrate and foster respect, compassion and empathy within the classroom environment while instilling a curiosity for exploration and lifelong learning.

Junior Elementary

Grades 1-3

The Junior Elementary program uses specialized materials to teach math, language, geometry, writing and a vast array of cultural topics. Students move through a spectrum of activities based on their ability in each area. Students are given more independence in this program and are expected to demonstrate self-direction in their studies, which are monitored by a teacher through the use of a curriculum folder. Students and guided into new and challenging subject matter; they begin to conceptualize ideas abstractly through individualized lessons and interactions with our custom materials. This age group also gains exposure to more traditional school activities, such as timed math tests, spelling, vocabulary and novel studies. Guided by the theory of evolution, the students study zoology and botany, geography and the fundamental needs of humans. Culture studies are structured to give students a sense of of the world. Students experience all of these these incredible lessons through stories and logical thinking activities. These lessons are also reinforced regularly in an stimulating, outdoor classroom.

As students move from first grade to third, their academic work becomes more intricate and specific. By third grade, students have acquired research and organizational skills; at this age they also keenly understand the world around them.

Students can participate in...

  • Honor Council
  • Author's Circle
  • Mercado
  • Travel Pets
  • Nation Celebration

Senior Elementary

Grades 4-6

Impressionistic lessons encourage students in this age group to think critically and work more independently. Writing and language skills are reinforced with lessons in spelling, vocabulary, Latin, editing and reading; students demonstrates their growth in these areas within research projects, novel studies, speech writing, creative writing. The math curriculum covers division through algebra and continues to use specialized Montessori materials through sixth grade. Sixth grade students are also enrolled in a traditional math course with a textbook. Within the context of evolutionary theory students also re-discover early man, the classification of organisms and the human body. Culture, government and history are strongly emphasized subjects for this age group.

The Big Trip for Senior Elementary

Students in senior elementary may take a 4-day trip out-of-state. Montessori Academy has traditionally referred to this time as the "Big Trip." Destinations vary with each class year, though our students show incredible leadership and agency in the planning of this event. This age group creates a business plan and schedules fundraising activities, showing Montessori-like initiative and involvement in their Big Trip

Middle School

Grades 7-8

Middle School is very much a time when students construct a sense of identity, test boundaries and explore social expectations. Our curriculum is unique in that we focus not only on the academic needs of our young people but also the social and emotional needs, helping to create caring and mature young adults. The comprehensive, 2-year program equips students with tools for success in high school and adulthood. The curriculum is divided into four cycles per year; four examples would be Connections, Systems, Exploration and Identity. Themes for each cycle change but touch upon all subject matter, including social studies, science, math, literature and foreign language. The math and geometry curriculum covers traditional 7th-grade concepts; at Montessori Academy, each lesson is tailored to a student’s individual mastery and command of mathematical principles so far. Students have daily math assignments and math tests to track their progress. Literature, vocabulary development, creative writing, technical writing and novel studies are all integrated into our language curriculum. Students have nightly literature and vocabulary assignments and several writing assignments throughout the year. Students also learn the fundamentals of Greek and Latin roots, deepening their language development and spelling abilities. Students are expected to complete four assigned novel study assignments during the program.

3 Land Lab Trips

Students take 3 trips throughout the year to a destination outside the city. We refer to each as a “Land Lab.” The duration of each Land Lab is 3-4 days. Students look forward to these events because they promote outdoor education, physical activity and team building activities. Students are taken out of their typical “comfort zones” to encourage their independence, and they have a lot of fun, too!


Middle school students have the opportunity to gain valuable exposure to the intricacies of business, sales, planning and logistics. Our SNAPS Cafe, which traditionally sells ice cream on Friday afternoons, provides excellent opportunities for experiential learning. The money they earn goes towards their “Big Trip” at the end of the year.

The Big Trip for Middle School

Middle School students take a 5-7 day trip out-of-state to destinations as far as New York City. Students demonstrate exceptional independence, maturity and curiosity as the safely explore their destination; supervisors facilitate dialogue and discussion throughout the educational tour of the destination.

After-School Programs

General After-School Program

During our regular after-school program, students have the opportunity to finish homework, socialize, play, have a snack and participate in supervised activities.

Enrichment Programs, Classes & Clubs

Enrichment classes are available to all students regardless of enrollment in our regular after-school program. The classes we offer change with each semester. Previous enrichment classes have included: ballet, gymnastics, archery, tennis, swimming and SCUBA. Click here for a list of current after-school clubs and classes.