Uniform Closet

The Uniform Closet Is Open!

Donate, trade, reuse, and recycle using our Uniform Closet!

Getting Free Uniforms
All uniforms are free!  Stop by the kitchen, located across from Room 6, to look through the uniforms and take what you need. We simply ask that you please consider donating your uniforms back when they no longer fit or are no longer needed.

Donating Uniforms
You can bring your uniforms to the front office or leave them in the Uniform Closet (located in the kitchen across from Room 6) in the clear bin on top of the black shelf. Please remember that uniforms must be clean and washed.

Donating Ripped or Stained Uniforms
We have partnered with the company For Days to recycle ripped and stained uniforms using Take Back Bags. These uniforms should still be washed and cleaned. Please be sure not to leave ripped or stained uniforms in the Uniform Closet; instead, please drop them off at the front office.