Arizona Public Notices

Posted August 31, 2020

Important Notice: Montessori Academy is currently experiencing internet connection issues, which we are working quickly to resolve. Due to this technical difficulty, the latest agendas and minutes have not yet been posted on this page. These documents are available in the front office while we work to resolve this issue.

Article 3.1 Public Meetings and Proceedings

38-431 Definitions

38-431.01 Meetings shall be open to the public

38-431.02 Notice of meetings

38-431.03 Executive sessions

38-431.04 Writ of mandamus

38-431.05 Meeting held in violation of article; business transacted null and void; ratification

38-431.06 Investigations; written investigative demands

38-431.07 Violations; enforcement; removal from office; in camera review

38-431.08 Exceptions; limitation

38-431.09 Declaration of public policy

Montessori Academy Inc is a K-8 public charter school subject to Arizona laws, including the Open Meetings statute. The agendas for Advisory Council (a.k.a School Governing Board) meetings are posted in the school office 24 hours in advance of the meeting.